Utilize context-driven insights to drive real growth through digital platforms and strategies

branding matters

Garnering the latest insights from branding gurus and business leaders, without the hocus pocus.

Brand coherence and strategy play a primitive role in your business outlook. Discover insights on how to lead your business, whether a clothing manufacturer or a local restaurant, to the next step.

marketing technology

Using the right tools and techniques to amplify your online presence and outreach

There are millions of tools available to drive  business growth and develop your capabilities – but you really only need a few. Let me, with the help of a few friends, tell you which ones work and which don’t.

New to the entrepreneurial journey? Let me introduce to you the basics.

Even the experts need to return to the basics sometimes.

Data Science can meet several marketing needs for companies of all sizes across all sectors. To begin with, you can easily identify which customers are more likely to convert in your next funding round or marketing.

Influencer marketing is the engine that powers brands small and medium. It builds on one of the core institutions of the marketing toolkit: social proof.

In most cases, no. A recent study reveals that 80% of online consultancy programs fail to meet the needs of small businesses and individuals.

If you’re a marketer, you would do well to be self-sufficient from a data analytics standpoint. Excel and other legacy tools are limiting, and the cheaper SaaS analytics options are limited in their scope. The ability to analyze data using R or Python is immediately empowering.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves growing your website quantitatively and qualitatively by boosting it’s search engine visibility.

Build a strong core: read, read, and read throughout the early days of your journey. A little bit of marketing and finance knowledge alongside the fundamentals of small business strategy never hurt.

It’s a critical component of SEO, in which you find the keywords that people actively search for and then adapt your content accordingly.

It never hurts. But I have realized that it is vital that your mentor has the industry-specific experience and humbly respects context. Context is king: time, place and other variables ultimately decide your business success.

Medium. It’s a repository of knowledge for small businesses with articles by some of the smartest just-below-C-suite minds out there. In other words, the guys who know their stuff.

The most important thing is to keep moving. The ‘Do Something’ Principle is key to generating positive outcomes in your early days.


Leveraging data science and analytics to beat the competition

Learn how to harness the power of data science to meet your ideal customer.

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Optimize your marketing and business processes with context-specific insights.

Every one can start an automated ad campaign these days. What separates true digital entrepreneurs is the ability to optimization and improvise at a time where platforms change radically in a matter of weeks.

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